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We Need Future Talk (yes, even in a pandemic!)

February 09, 2021 Sarah Erwin: High Esteem Coaching Season 1 Episode 5
The High Esteem Podcast
We Need Future Talk (yes, even in a pandemic!)
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Has the complacency that has kept you going through the pandemic become a bad habit? 

Has the acceptance that got you through the early days started to make you feel a little numb? Bored? Maybe just... blah??

Well, you're definitely not alone. We've settled into this pandemic bubble, one where we don't think forward beyond that shirt we keep at our desk for that impromptu zoom call. 

Our need to be present, to take it one day at a time, was necessary-- hell, it was survival! It kept going during some of the hardest days of our lives, and now we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

But who has even imagined that- the life after covid? Who do we want to be, and where do we want to go, when this thing comes to an end?

Folks, it’s time to start planning forward again. It can be safe to talk about, to think about, the future now. I believe that it’s actually critical that we do- for our inspiration, for our motivation, for our humanity!

Join me for this chat on how we need to start thinking forward, and how we can do this in tiny baby steps 👌💪


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Unknown Speaker  0:23  

Hi, everyone, welcome to the High Esteem podcast, I'm so glad to have you guys back with me today, after a little bit of a pause,

Unknown Speaker  0:32  

I've been a little bit distracted, I must say, and I don't know about any of you. But sometimes it's hard for me to find the inspiration to do the things that I like to do even.

Unknown Speaker  0:45  

Because the day to day now is so.... I guess blended together. Sometimes I don't know that I realize how much time has gone by I have to be very careful to keep track of those things if I have deadlines, etc. Because with this work from home life, and this new COVID world, or I guess not so new anymore, unfortunately,

Unknown Speaker  1:10  

time just sort of blurs. And I don't know about you guys, but sometimes three weeks feels like three months, sometimes a week goes by really fast as usual. Sometimes, I look back at this year of the pandemic, and it feels like it's been three years. And so

Unknown Speaker  1:26  

we don't have the same markers of time we normally do, I think because we're not all socializing like we normally where we don't have as many things packed into our schedule. So that can be a bit of a challenge for me. And I also don't know about you guys, but I am sure that I am likely not alone.

Unknown Speaker  1:45  

When I say that finding inspiration is different. Now, we have to be a lot more intentional about that. And a lot more self aware when we're thinking of what kind of stuff puts us in the mood and what inspires us. And what pushes us forward because we're not having as new as many new experiences in our day to day life.

Unknown Speaker  2:08  

And for me, that makes a big difference. I think that I am most creative and most inspired when there are new things happening on a daily basis to inspire me. So I want to talk about that because I don't think it's hopeless it. I know it's not because I feel like I really have hacked my mindset during this pandemic in a way that's been productive. But with all that said, I am human and I get it. And I fall into these patterns sometimes where I'm kind of just in a bit of a funk. And sometimes I need to pull myself out of those. And sometimes I really let myself sit with my feelings and move through it in a way that is authentic. And that works for me and allows me to process what I'm going through. And I think that a big part of it has been that we're just existing in this sort of COVID bubble where time and life is on pause. And that's been healthy for the most part for a lot of us because it allows us to accept our circumstances enough, that we're not rejecting them, that we're not getting stressed out by them. And we're just waiting without expectation for when we get to the other side of this thing. And I think that has been helpful. But I also think that it has a downside. Because I think as humans, we need to look forward. I think as people who want to create amazing things in our lives and who are looking for joy and who

Unknown Speaker  3:43  

just human beings in general, I think we need things to look forward to. And I know that is so hard. It is so hard in a world where we haven't really been given a lot of that lately. But as much as things are still dire, and we're still in rough times, we are starting to see that we are going to come out on the other end, we've seen some countries doing it. We have vaccines on the horizon. We know some people who have started to get them. Medicine is only going to continue to advance and we are going to get to the other side of this thing. We don't know when but we know that it's going to happen. And I think while we've needed to press pause in our lives and pause on our expectations of life and ourselves for a while. I don't think we need to put a pause on our dreams. And I don't think we need to put a pause on our ambitions. And I think is really important for us now. When we've gotten to a year we've almost hit a year of this thing to

Unknown Speaker  4:43  

start to plan forward again.

Unknown Speaker  4:46  

Guys, we need to start to think of the future again, because there is a future and there's a future with us in it. And we are the ones who are going to create that for ourselves and for others and we deserve to have

Unknown Speaker  5:00  

Have something to look forward to. And this existing and merely existing that a lot of us have been doing throughout the pandemic, and that even those of us who put a lot of intention into not doing that,

Unknown Speaker  5:14  

we still fall into that pattern because there's so much sameness and so much fear.

Unknown Speaker  5:20  

And it's easier. But it really does come at a cost because

Unknown Speaker  5:26  

I don't think we can put our lives on pause that long. And I'm not saying don't stay safe. I'm not saying that I'm not saying go break all the rules and whatnot. But I'm saying that we need to give ourselves permission to continue to create a life that is worth living, and at least to plan forward in a way that will help us do so when we come out of this thing. And we can ease in and we can start simple in a way that doesn't completely dismantle all sense of this acceptance that has kept us safe through this thing. You know, we don't have to start making a million travel plans and start booking the tickets. But we can start thinking of some places that will go on the other end of this, or maybe some local places that you'll travel or some people that you'll visit, and some of the things that we'll do then, right. We don't need to book the ticket, but we can know that we will have that experience and figure out the logistics of how we will make that happen when that time comes. We can also plan forward in our careers, what are some small ways of moving our careers forward, even for those of us who are out of work right now? Right? I know, I'm lucky enough to be in a field that is still in demand. But a lot of people aren't. With that said, there are ways that we can start to plan productively, so that we can work on the skills that are needed, either within our careers when we return to the workforce, or if it is accepting that new norm. And looking at some other skills we could develop in the meantime, that could be applicable, whether that's through free online courses, or YouTube videos or books that we'll read.

Unknown Speaker  7:11  

Even thinking of some places we can volunteer after some people we want to meet and talk to to see what options are out there.

Unknown Speaker  7:19  

I think it's time to start making those plans. So that we're not getting out of this and being completely daunted by life again, and we're not coming out of this in the habit of doing nothing. And in the habit of not having to think forward to the point where we're just comfortable in our own little bubble staying at home because we don't know how to do anything else. And again, I'm not saying start going out a bunch, I'm just saying that

Unknown Speaker  7:47  

it's time to plan what we're going to create later. Because that can be exciting. And that can be thrilling, and that life is still gonna happen. But this complacency, this can be become a bad habit. And it leaves us uninspiring, and it leaves us feeling less than we deserve to feel.

Unknown Speaker  8:05  

And let's be real, we've all had all kinds of insights into who we are and what we value. And our perspectives have shifted in ways that have surprised us. And I actually found a video that I made at the very beginning of this pandemic. So it was March,

Unknown Speaker  8:22  

they had just closed the borders. And I was in shock. And I was just sort of processing the whole thing. And I remember saying that I hadn't realized how privileged I was at this point to be able to move through the world so freely, and how much I hadn't realized the value in things that not only that I took for granted, but things that I avoided. I remember being so completely

Unknown Speaker  8:59  

caught off guard by how much I missed exercise, for instance. And at that point in time, I was avoiding the gym a lot. I was also exhausted. And that's another thing I realized how much I value rest and how much working from home really works for me and that self care but get to that again another time.

Unknown Speaker  9:19  

I just I wanted to move my body. I wanted to walk I want to run I missed. This is when we were in lockdown. And I I missed working out so much. And after moving on to British Columbia that really stuck with my partner and I and we have been putting a huge effort into hiking and taking those lessons forward and making sure that we're getting that exercise to get the mental and physical benefits that we miss so much during that time. And I really do think that this is a time where we can start reflecting on some of our insights and our lessons and thinking about ways that we can

Unknown Speaker  9:58  

implement those lessons.

Unknown Speaker  10:00  

In the future, to not be in the same situation we were before where we took them for granted. And to make them a priority, right? I think a lot of us have had the insight that we really miss connecting with other humans and how much connection is so valuable to us and so important, and we've seen where our lives are without them. And a lot of us have done our best to connect in whatever ways we can with other human beings, but but we miss it, we miss the way things used to be. And so

Unknown Speaker  10:35  

how will you implement that lesson for those of you who have had it in the future, post pandemic?

Unknown Speaker  10:45  

in a way that is better than you did before, when you took it for granted, that will give you the meaning and the value that you want from those connections? How will you make sure that you don't fall into those old habits? Where we didn't prioritize those connections? What can we do differently?

Unknown Speaker  11:06  

Right? How often do we want to connect with the people we love?

Unknown Speaker  11:11  

What do we want to say to them to make sure they know how valued they are? How do we want to split our work life balance? Are we okay with how much we're working? Do we need more socializing in our lives? And if so, how much and how much is feasible during, you know, everyday, regular work life?

Unknown Speaker  11:29  

Start thinking about what you want, start thinking about what those lessons were, and how we can be creative in putting those forward in our new future when this thing is over. And I really think we need that. And I think we're safe to do it. Now. I think we're, we're coming through, we're coming in on the other end, not yet. But it's in the works, guys, this thing is gonna end and it might not be tomorrow. And we don't know how long is left. And so I'm not saying create a timeline on it, because that's where it does become. That's where that protection is important, right? We want to make sure that we aren't setting ourselves up for frustration. But why can't we say okay, as soon as I feel safe, and that those circumstances we can define as a, b, and c, when numbers are down to this amount when my friends are vaccinated, whatever that looks like for you, I'm going to start implementing these lessons in the following ways. I'm going to start creating the future that I want in the following ways. I'm going to ditch these bad habits that I have developed over the pandemic. And here are some things that we can do to start working towards ditching those habits now. Right. So how about that part, I think that we've all developed some bad habits in quarantine. And maybe that's something we can start to transition out of, maybe we've you know, gotten too into TV and Netflix and wine and seeing that this is going to end. We don't want that to be your whole life. So while it's been a great quote, great coping mechanism, maybe now it's time to start finding a couple of other hobbies. Right? Maybe now it's time to start cutting down on our drinking and replacing it with tea.

Unknown Speaker  13:09  

What are the things that are not moving you forward

Unknown Speaker  13:13  

towards the life that you want? And can we start planning to phase those out and phase some new things in so that we can come on to the on the other end of this as a person who has the opportunity to live a valuable life, and that we're not just catching up when this thing ends, that we're already on the cusp, or we're there.

Unknown Speaker  13:38  

And you know, what I really like is starting in small, really fun ways. I've been doing a lot of looking at random real estate videos, because I'm a nerd like that. And I love them on YouTube of different islands around British Columbia. So islands off of Vancouver, and what it would be like to live there and read a little blogs on that. And different places in BC to explore. I haven't expanded to international travel in my head because I cannot fathom that it freaks me out now. That's something that I have to deal with and that I will work through on my time. Right. But I am starting to think forward about some of the things that are exciting that aren't too far away, right, that aren't right now. But they're not that far away. And thinking of the fact that there will be more life after this. That's where I'm starting, right? Any kind of travel road trips, where might I want to rent in the future? Where am I? Where am I want to explore for a weekend? Where do I want to live when I'm rich? That one is so hypothetical and down the line. But it is something that I think about to remind myself that I'm moving forward, I'm working towards something, right. And that's what people talk about when they're talking about dreaming and vision boards and thinking about the type of future that you want to create.

Unknown Speaker  14:52  

Anyways guys, we've all been doing our best right? accepting our circumstances, and honestly a little bit of 

Unknown Speaker  15:00  

complacency has been part of surviving this global pandemic. But I really think that we need to see and believe, and start taking actions to allow ourselves to see and believe that we're going to come out on the other side, right? Otherwise, things feel very desolate. But it's because our situation has felt extremely hopeless. And we haven't no one is going to end. And I do think that we perpetuate that sense of hopelessness when we don't look forward. So I want you guys to just start small, think of something fun you would like to do when things feel safer, I can't even explain how much I just miss going and working in a coffee shop, or like, honestly going to a pub and pulling out my laptop and having a cold, draught beer, like a nice craft beer on top of, I am so excited for what I can do that again.

Unknown Speaker  15:54  

When actually, in British Columbia restaurants are open, I just personally don't feel the safest or most responsible going and eating indoors right now. And that's just me. So I'm not I'm not here to shame anyone for what their level of safety and risk is at the moment.

Unknown Speaker  16:08  

But I haven't felt comfortable doing that in some time. And the idea that I could one day sit comfortably in a pub or a cafe and work on my business, and feeding on the energy of other people around me. And you know, just hearing people talk and music in the background. And, you know, maybe people won't be in masks eventually too. And even if we are and people feel more comfortable being there, that energy I find so inspiring. And I find it so much easier to work when I have the energy of other humans around me, oddly enough, as long as it's like white noise. And I find it so much easier to work when I'm able to change location and change my scenery, versus doing all of my work from home the stuff that I do for my day job and then also for my business and then also my hobbies on the side from the same place. So I am just looking forward to that. I'm looking forward to a coffee in a cafe. And that's small, but it excites me and I know what's on the horizon. So hanging on to that dreaming of my latte with my laptop and I want to hear what you guys are looking forward to what you're dreaming of. And if you can think of some some small steps you're going to take towards the life you want to live when we are on the other side of this thing. Send me an email at Sarah at high esteem also let me know if you're interested in one on one coaching because I actually have a couple slots available right now and I am so excited to talk to you a couple of you schedule a call and see if we might be a good fit to work together.

Unknown Speaker  17:45  

And I will see you guys in the next episode. Hopefully in two weeks time. Let's keep each other on track. Let's keep each other excited about life and accountable. And let's just stop existing in mere existence we need to start getting inspired and excited again because that is that is part of being human guys is a huge part of what makes it worth it. All right. Okay, guys, I hope you liked this episode, let me know in the reviews or send me that email. And I will see you guys in a couple of weeks. Bye, everyone.